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Why Horses?

Horse and photographer

Growing up on my family's 50-acre horse farm in New Jersey, I spent countless hours taking care of the horses and managing the day-to-day operations of the facility. It was hard work, but I loved every minute of it. Little did I know, that experience would lay the foundation for my career in video production.

As I got older, I became more interested in video production and began creating videos for family and friends. It wasn't until I started attending equine events and noticed a lack of high-quality video content that I realized the potential for my skills in the equine industry.

With my unique combination of perspective and working knowledge of the equine industry, I started creating high-performing, high-quality video content for equine events, services, and facilities. The response was incredible. My videos began to generate thousands of views and drive customer engagement and sales.

As I continued to refine my skills and develop my own unique system for video production, I knew I could help other businesses achieve their goals through strategic video solutions. Today, I guide business owners towards achieving their business goals through my passion for video production and strategic storytelling.

Our Great Clients

StableFeed is a science-based equine feed and supplement company that prioritizes safety and efficacy. Their products are formulated with organic and minimally processed superfoods that work synergistically to support the body systems for functional and foundational equine health. They aim to provide horse owners with clean and wholesome options to retain or restore health in their equine partners.

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Elisa Wallace

F.I.C.S. is a family-run business founded by Sandy Hart-Long. This business specializes in personalized project consultation and providing high-quality footing products and barn solutions. Their products are used by riders of all levels, from pony club to Olympic champions, their expertise ranges from custom blends and pre-mixed footing to additives to modify existing surfaces. With a commitment to excellence, F.I.C.S. is the go-to for those seeking quality, competitive pricing, and exceptional service in the equestrian industry.

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Elysian Fields Equestrian Center provides educational, safe, and enjoyable horsemanship training for students, including immersive Spring/Summer Day Camps. The facility also has an indoor and outdoor arena, ample storage space, and on-property trailer parking with hookups. The owners live on-site, providing attentive care for all horses and access to group rates with their own veterinarian and farrier services. Every horse on the property is either a rescue or a donation.

Elysian Fields is also home to the H6 program or also known as Heroes Helping Horses. The H6 program aims to assist veterans, law enforcement, and first responders living with anxiety, depression, and PTSD. The program focuses on interaction and building trust with horses, allowing participants to release and reconnect their emotions in a safe environment with like-minded individuals who have been through similar experiences.

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What Our Clients Are Saying

Video Camera
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The videos that HD360 Productions are top tier. Jarred did an incredible job capturing our connection.

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Jarred is enthusiastic and passionate... I'm thrilled with the results and I think you will too.

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(Jarred's) videos have helped incredibly with putting our story together and what we are trying to do here!

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