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Exclusive Video Offer


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Hello, I'm Jarred and I LOVE video!

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For starters, I grew up on a 50-acre horse farm, gaining first-hand experience of the day-to-day trials of managing a boarding farm. Daily care and maintenance of the property have given me a unique understanding of the pain points that the equine industry experiences. 

I developed a passion for theater during high school and pursued it into my college career. Storytelling really drew me into the theater space and always captivated my imagination. By the end of college, I pivoted slightly and ended up with a degree in business, even though my passion for storytelling still remained. 

Fast forward a couple of years and I started to experiment with video. Combining that with my business background, horse experience, and my passion for storytelling, I found myself in this space of creating high-quality video content for the horse industry.  

This one-of-a-kind combination of perspective and working knowledge allows me to create high-performing, high-quality, precision video content for equine events, businesses, and facilities. Many of the videos I've produced have thousands of views, resulting in highly shared content that drives customer engagement and the goals of my clients. 


Why Video?

Businesses NEED Video In order to: 

- Educate Viewers-

-Create Excitement-

-Promote Engagement- 

-Establish Brand-

-Showcase Quality-

-Tell Customer Stories-

-Convey Commitment-

And SO much more..

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Our Approach to Video for Businesses

 Every business is unique, so we believe that every solution should be treated as such.
Taking the time to speak with each business owner is a pivotal step in our strategic game-plan development process. No need to have these all figured out coming into the call, we will workshop them together and develop a better clarity to these topics! 


What are your business's origins? How did you start? 


What is your brand's mission when serving clients?


What do your target audiences for your business look like?


Where do you want to take this business in the future?


What lasting impression do you want clients to experience?  


What can you actively do to further your brand's growth?

Base Business Video Package 


  •  4 Hour Scheduled Shoot on Site 

  •  Travel Included! (Within 2 hours of Trenton NJ) 

  • (5) Originally Shot Full HD Social Media Clips (16:9 ratio)

  • 30 Second Website Background Video (looped)

  • (10) 4K Video Clips to be used everywhere! 

  • Drone Coverage*


*Coverage dependent on location and weather

Normally: $2,500 



*Offer ONLY available to Farm&FirCo. clients*

Additional Video Packages
What every business needs for success


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Brand Video

Convey the essence of your brand through captivating video! Effectively weave your business's mission and purpose into a cinematic story for both returning and new customers alike!

Founder Video

 This longer form of video explains the origin of a company and how the need for their services originated. When done right, a founder video articulates and presents the passion of the founder to potential clients. This in turn generates confidence in viewers that the owner or managers are motivated to consistently deliver their product or service with the highest quality in mind.

Image by Austin Distel

Commercial Video

This 30-60 second high-intensity video quickly stops scrollers in their tracks. This type of video generates high energy that encapsulates your viewers while still relating to the brands mission. Stunning visuals with upbeat music gets viewers EXCITED about your business!

Odds are you have several different services that solve different problems. A focus video highlights that service's process and desired outcome! This educational-based format allows you to save time explaining your services to every new customer, instead viewers will come to you already having an idea of what to expect from you and your business.

Focus Video

Image by Sam McGhee

Testimonial Video

Highlight a client's AMAZING experience with your business, and
tell the story of how your services solved the client's problem. 
Generate higher buyer confidence by displaying this great experience with your brand.

Image by Holly Mandarich

Example Video

"About Us" - Elysian Fields  

Video Camera
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The videos that HD360 Productions are top tier. Jarred did an incredible job capturing our connection.

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Jarred is enthusiastic and passionate... I'm thrilled with the results and I think you will too.

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(Jarred's) videos have helped incredibly with putting our story together and what we are trying to do here!



Something that I take seriously when talking with new clients is "fit," or our connection and compatibility working together. That is why before working with a new client, I like to take the time to hop on a quick video call to introduce ourselves and our businesses and see how we work together to creative productive, inspiring, and creative energy. 

I look forward to speaking with you!

Let's Chat

Book a call with me and my team and we'll talk about all kinds of video solutions for your business.

Don't see a time that works for you? 
Fill out the form below and we'll find a time that works for us both! 

Looking forward to speaking with you!

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